Brand-new…From the soundtracks of our lives, 

Forever touched by common chords of humanity, 

Classic Songs of Solace, lovingly reimagined for our times… 


Mike McCoy - Bob Flick - Mark Pearson - Karl Olsen 

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album STORY

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Robert Holmes and Bob Flick


Raleigh Holmes, Robert Holmes, Bob Flick and Gavin Lurssen


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Produced by Bob Flick and Robert Holmes 

“The Brothers Four Renewal” 

Recorded at Pinkerton Road Studios 

Engineered by Robert Holmes 

Seattle sessions recorded at Studio X by Reed Ruddy & Bob Flick 

Assistant Engineer: Andrew Ching 

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering 

Design: Jade Hubley Design Support: Raleigh Holmes 

Cover Photo: Nadiya Struk The Brothers Four Photo: Fumiko Kouketsu 

Special Thanks to The Brothers Four Friend Club Japan, and 

To folks and families everywhere who grew up together with these classic songs, 

Now respectfully renewed for new generations. 

©2018 SeattleWorks Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved 

In loving memory of Tetsu and Noriko Aoyagi